Spiritual Traphouse, LLC

We are Official!

Spiritual Traphouse, LLC offers handcrafted Waist Beads with healing gemstones or charms, Yoni Steaming, & Essential Oils used for protection, love, & money. 


Our mission is to inspire many people on the importance of self care and living a healthier lifestyle.

Handcrafted Waist Beads
Yoni Steams 
Handmade Organic Soap Bars
Crystal Bracelets

More about the CEO/Founder


Ashley Mazion is an experienced priestess who has walked the path long enough to have gained deep experience and knowledge in service, ritual, and leadership skills. She is here to restore balance on our planet and support ascension through with an energetic shift. Ashley was born in Valdosta, GA and raised in Atlanta, GA. A very hard-working, beautiful single mother of three, two girls, Zenariah, Ivy and one son, Corey.  Ashley currently resides in Atlanta, GA as working to open a brick-and-mortar location.


Spiritual Traphouse was established in 2020. We ship and provide services to the entire USA!  We specialize in handcrafted waist beads, crystal bracelets, yoni steams, herbal smoke blendz, 100% natural handcrafted bar soaps, money oils, & more.  Place your orders today!

March 2021 - Pop Up Shop